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Winter Semester Starts this Saturday Nov 14th

Anyone Can Code

Coding can be learned by anyone. You don't have to be a math/science person.

Unleash Creativity

Coding is about learning to create something (e.g. apps, games) from nothing.

Build Confidence

Learning and mastering a "cool" tech skill boosts self-confidence.


Coding leads to love for science and technology, by learning how things work.


Penguin Coding School teaches more than just how to write code. We believe in teaching love for life-long learning.

Project Based Curriculum

Curriculum is based on each child having their own semester-long coding project.

Real Programming Languages

Besides Scratch to teach concepts, students learn to write HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java and Python.

Learning by Doing

Coding is best learned by actually building things - whether they are apps, games or data analysis projects.

Creating Art

Computer science is not just about practical apps and games, but creating art.

Building Games

Building games is both fun and teaches fundamental concepts in programming.

Engineering Concepts

Coding is an engineering discipline - it teaches trial and error and the scientific method.

what parents say about Us

Parents like Penguin Coding School's unique way of teaching coding - how it brings curiosity and joy to the students.

I like it most that my son starts to look at the web pages from the point of view of a developer rather than just a user - he'd point out the familiar items, links/images/jumbotron/etc, he learnt from Penguin Coding School.

My son loved the classes. His consistent feedback was that they were "great!" He hadn't done any html coding before so enjoyed learning about how to make and alter websites. He really loved being able to change the way commercial website display, that trick was a big hit with him.

My daughter really liked the detailed explanations you gave. That was very helpful to her. She also enjoyed the freedom you gave the students. She said that was different from other coding classes and she really liked it a lot. It gave her a sense of independence and that she was able to actually put what you were teaching her into practice and actually create something.

Coding is a very valuable skill that has helped many people succeed, and I am very priviliged to begin my first steps of it with you. The lessons were so interesting, that once I opened the laptop I was submerged into the world of coding. I have attended another coding camp, but this camp was much different. As I attended this camp, I was amazed at what you could do with coding. I hope my knowledge of coding will help me like it has for many others. Testimonial from 5th grader

Facts about Coding Education

Coding and programming knowledge will continue to become essential for the next generation. Coding will become essential as reading, writing and arithmetic.


Available Programmers by 2020


Demand for Programmers by 2020


Projected Shortfall of Programmers in US