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Kathleen has 4 years of experience as a elementary classroom teacher and training to become a Web Developer, working with technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. She is a proponent of the growth mindset in how she encourages her students to approach their lessons. She believes that with dedication and hard work a student can cultivate a love of learning and resilience that will serve them their entire lives. When she is not coding or teaching at Penguin Coding School she volunteers as an ESL instructor.


Shelby is a computer science major at Johns Hopkins University. She has been working at Penguin Coding as a teaching assistant since 2016 and started teaching classes as an Instructor since fall 2018. Shelby loves working with kids and in addition to working at Penguin Coding, she teaches Learn to Skate and does private math tutoring. Her interest in coding began in high school when she took a programming class and has a background in Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Scratch.


Shipra is working as a software engineer and has a background in math and computer engineering. She has also worked with numerous organizations that aim to make STEM education more accessible to children and minority groups. Her favorite part of software development is the ability to create a tangible solution to a problem at hand. Shipra hopes others are able to share the excitement (and frustration), as well as, celebrate the little victories, that come with creating and problem solving using code!


Having recently returned from teaching math and CS in Cambodia, Alli is a graduate student seeking a MEd to continue teaching as a career! She loves to give seemingly impossible challenges to students and work with them to break down the problem into manageable pieces. She loves that relatively simple blocks of code can be combined to solve actual real-world problems. Currently coding in Java, Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and Scratch.


Sarah is a current graduate student studying for her Masters in Education in high school education. Recently, she has worked as a firmware engineer at a local Boston startup. Sarah is excited about the ways that programming can empower students to accomplish goals and solve problems in creative ways. She enjoys having the opportunity to combine her passion for teaching with her love of computer science.


Shriya is a professional software developer and teaches dance in her free time. She wants to combine her joy of teaching along with her experience in software development to help kids learn to code. Shriya has a Masters in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.


Laura has worked in education for over 7 years, having been a middle school English and special education teacher, high school English teacher, ESL teacher, and academic tutor. Her interest in coding began in working her way through online programming tutorials, and she quickly developed a passion for learning how to create websites and games using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Laura loves to show students how anyone can learn how to code, and that with hard work and dedication, students can make something that might have initially seemed impossible!


Chandrama is a software developer in the greater Boston area. Her interest in teaching began when she started teaching her own son coding. Besides coding, she likes to watch movies and read books.

Dong Mei

Dong Mei is a recent graduate from Connecticut College where she studied Human Development and Computer Science. For the past 7 years, she spent her free time working with children from preschool to middleschool. With her two passions of coding and children, she wants to work in educational coding program which is why Penguin Coding School is the perfect place.


Ryan is a computer science teacher at a Boston Area public high school. He has been an educator in a variety of settings, and with a variety of age groups, for about 6 years. His interest in coding began with an interest in the "maker" movement and STEM education. The more he used code to create interesting projects, the more he wanted to learn. Ryan likes to show students how they, too, can make something cool happen with code. He likes building websites and games with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. His favorite part about teaching students to code is seeing students excited about something that they made themselves.

Sarah W

Sarah is a computer science educator with three years of experience teaching middle school students everything from coding with Scratch and Python to creating 3D models online. Her favorite activities are those where students get to be as creative as possible! Outside of the classroom, she loves to bake, read, and learn new hands-on skills.


Carina has worked in elementary education for 4 years and has a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in teaching instructional computer technology to students. She also has experience teaching students Scratch, a block based coding along with other technologies. She has a passion for teaching students that anyone can learn to code and when we make mistakes it is proof that we are truly learning. She wants to inspire students to make mistakes, challenge their current thinking, and push the boundaries of what has already been designed to come up with something new. Watching students have their "ah ha!" moment is one of the many reasons why she loves to teach coding. Aside from teaching, she enjoys reading a good book on a sunny day.


Jamila has been involved with education in the roles of both a student and an educator. As a parent and a teacher, she is passionate about nurturing and enhancing core educational skills of children in a safe and friendly environment. Jamila earned a Masters degree in Science from Carleton University, Canada and recently completed Graduate Certificate in Web Development from Boston University.


Yumio started Penguin Coding School in 2016 after spending over 15 years in the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having worked at numerous companies in Silicon Valley, he witnessed the power of computer programming and the influence that coders wield in creating products and services that have transformed the world. He is the founder of Yahoo! Answers, the world's largest free Question and Answer service used by hundreds of millions of people. His experiences in the Internet industry taught him the importance understanding coding - even if you never intend to be a programmer. He believes passionately that ANYONE CAN CODE - and is working to spread that belief to as many people as possible. Yumio received his BA from Williams College and Masters and Ph.D. from Harvard University in Business Economics.