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Penguin Coding Fall Semester (EAST Time Zone)

1st-3rd Grade
Scratch for 1st-3rd Graders

Students will have a great time learning Scratch - a programming platform developed by MIT's Media Lab. Depending on the students' interests, Scratch can be used to develop games, music, digital art and animation. Every student will work on their project with the teacher's guidance. Most importantly, students will find computer coding to be a powerful means of creative outlet. Learn more

4-6th Grade
HTML/Javascript for 4-6th Graders

For students who learn best through projects. Lessons in basic coding concepts like variables, functions and loops are interwoven into a project-based curriculum to build interactive websites and web games using real programming languages (Javascript). Because of the small class size, each student gets individualized attention from our teachers. Learn more

5-12th Grade
Python - 5-12th Graders

Our Python program is rigorous but beginner friendly. Designed for middle school students and high school students who want a solid foundation in computer science. Interwoven into coding concept lessons are projects to build games and applications they design and build themselves. Python is a pre-req for our mobile app, AI and other advanced courses. Learn more

8-12th Grade
Java - 8-12th Graders

Our Java curriculum is designed for 8-12th graders who want a solid foundation in computer science and object oriented programming. It can be a confidence builder before tackling high school computer science courses like AP Computer Science without the pressure of grades. We also have a special year-long AP preparation course that will prepare students to take the AP Computer Science A test in the Spring. Many students in our Java sequence have gone on to achieve 4s and 5s on their AP tests. Learn more

5-12th Grade
Mobile App Development- 5-12th Graders

Students who have taken Intermediate Python or Intermediate Java can take our mobile app development course. Students learn Swift and xCode for the iPhone app. Java students learn Android app development. Learn more