Penguin Coding School - Lexington Massachusetts - Web HTML CSS Javascript
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Building Websites

Web 2
  • Category
  • Programming Languages
    HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Prerequisite
    Web 1

Continuation of Web 1, students explore uses of HTML/CSS and Javascript programming language to make interactive websites. Students design their own Choose Your Own Adventure story and make it come to life on the web. In the process students master core computer science concepts such as conditionals, loops and functions, as well as web design techniques like creating reuseable templates.

I like it most that my son starts to look at the web pages from the point of view of a developer rather than just a user - he'd point out the familiar items, links/images/jumbotron/etc, he learnt from Penguin Coding School.

Laptops are provided and all student work will be accessible online. During the last class, students will present the website they've been working on during the semester to the whole class, including parents.