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Building Games with Javascript

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By learning how to program games using Javascript, students learn key computer science concepts such as functions, conditionals and loops. Students learn the joys of creating a game from nothing, not just playing them. They will also learn how to create game structure and incentive that will be enjoyable by thinking through user experience.

My son really liked the detailed explanations you gave. That was very helpful to him. He also enjoyed the freedom you gave the students. He said that was different from other coding classes and he really liked it a lot. That gave him a sense of independence and that he was able to actually put what you were teaching him into practice and actually create something.

Laptops are provided and all student work will be accessible online. During the last class, students will present the game that they've been working on during the semester to the whole class, including parents. Students should have a fully functional professional looking web game by the end of the 10 classes.