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  • Beginner
    Web 1

    Students create their own interactive website and learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. Most importantly, students will find computer coding to be a powerful means of creative outlet. Students interested in design, art and videos will find this class eye-opening.Read more

    Gaming 1

    By learning how to program games using Javascript, students learn key computer science concepts such as functions, conditionals and loops. Students learn the joys of creating a game from scratch, and not just playing them. Read more

    Grades 1-3

    The Scratch classes are designed for elementary school students who want to have fun with programming games and animated characters. Scratch is a drag and drop coding platform developed by MIT and used by millions of students worldwide. Read more

    Web 2

    Continuation of Web 1, students explore advanced uses of Javascript programming language to make their website even more interactive. Some students may elect to turn their websites into a choose your own adventure type story where users can choose what content they see. In the process students will master core computer science concepts such as conditionals, loops and functions. Read more

    Gaming 2

    Continuation of Gaming 1, we expand our learning on how to program games using Javascript. Students will start to use core computer science concepts such as arrays and matrices. Read more

    Web 3

    Students learn to build a mock online store as they learn more Javascript techniques to create an interactive website. Read more

    High School
    Java for High School

    The Java 1-2-3 class is designed for high school students who want a solid foundation in computer science by learning to code Java. It is a great way to learn the fundamentals of programming without worrying about grades. Curriculum is modeled after the high school AP Computer Science course.Read more

    Grades 4-12

    Advanced Elementary Schools, Middle School and High School students learn Python, a popular programming language with many applications beyond pure programming.Read more

    Grades 4-8
    3D Printing

    Students will have fun building 3D objects using Tinkercad, a 3D modeling platform for beginners owned by Autodesk, a world leader in CAD software. In the process they will learn some fundamental STEM and programming concepts. Read more