Penguin Coding School - Summer Session - Lexington Massachusetts
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Summer 2017

Summer Session 4-8th Graders
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  • Programming Languages
    HTML, CSS, Javascript

Students will have a great time learning how to make websites and games using real programming languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript. With a 3:1 student/instructor ratio, each student gets to work on their project at their own pace. Most importantly, students will find computer coding to be a powerful means of creative outlet. Students interested in design, art and videos will find this class eye-opening. Those interested in gaming will find that they can build their own games with more freedom and creativity than with prepackaged software like Scratch and Minecraft. In the process they will learn some fundamental programming concepts like functions, conditionals and iterations.

My son loved the classes. His consistent feedback was that they were "great!" He hadn't done any html coding before so enjoyed learning about how to make and alter websites. He really loved being able to change the way commercial website display, that trick was a big hit with him.

Laptops are provided and all student work will be accessible online. During the last day, students will present the website they've been working on during the week to the whole class, including parents. Students should have a fully functional professional looking website or game by the end of the week.

  • Dates

    July 10 - Aug 4, 2017
  • Times

    Mon-Fri 9am-3pm
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  • Weeks Offered

    DayTimeAge Group
    July 10 - 14 9am - 3pm4-8th Graders
    July 17 - 21 9am - 3pm 4-8th Graders
    July 24 - 28 9am - 3pm4-8th Graders
    July 31 - Aug 4 9am - 3pm 4-8th Graders (Girls Only)